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Garden Villa Phuket

The Garden Villa Phuket Welcomes You To Our Travel Blog For Your Holiday Pleasure

About this Garden Villa Phuket Video Production and how you can get yours for Free?

Our Guest from Nice France Mr. Michel Lipert has repeatedly stayed with us at the Garden Villa Phuket located in Chalong District Phuket Thailand. We value his loyalty to us and an idea came to us. Many other guests all from word of mouth stayed with us and referred others and they left the island with good memories and a few souvenirs of course but that was about the extent of it. We thought to our selves and came up with the following idea. Why not make a nice movie for our guest Michel as a surprise give away gift using all his video and photos and mix it with are materials to make a nice souvenir for his keep sakes? We thought what a great idea and we can offer this service gift to all our guests that book with us at the Garden Villa Phuket. Making a short travel film of 5 to 7 minutes in total length for all our valued guests from this day on would be our resorts branding that would make the stay for our guest a more personal experience. It is a service that is FREE to our guest and with our compliments. We hope that you enjoy this You Tube video production and perhaps we can make one for you just for staying with us at the Garden Villa Phuket? Thank You for choosing us .
We look forward to hearing from you soon for your travel and adventure experience needs in Phuket Thailand. Our garden is a living butterfly sanctuary that is open and free without the use of a physical enclosure. Maybe the first and only garden like this
in all of South East Asia? We serve very tasty healthy organic gourmet breakfast cuisine, and plan to have a You Tube Video channel Food Presentation program coming very soon for your healthy culinary delights. On this Phuket Travel Blog we will write about many relevant subjects to inform you about what is happening on the island and near by provinces to keep you in the loop. For example we will let you know where the best deals are for your accommodation . Good choices for sustainable ECO friendly tours. The best restaurants that give you value services and healthy delicious foods to enjoy. Cultural events such as the annual Phuket Vegetarian Festival will be covered.Where to stay ,what do do ,and what to see will be all covered on this Phuket Travel Blog.
We wish to thank the Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World for all their inspiration and support in the making of this movie.

Can we make a video for you ?

Thank You for choosing us at the Garden Villa Phuket

Kindest Regards 

Am & Barry Gourmet & Raw

Our email contact information is info@gardenvillaphuket.com

Am Gourmet for Thai language amsorchid@hotmail.com

The Garden Villa Phuket Welcomes You

A Private Full service garden Villa with all the extras inclusive for a price that you can afford.

The Garden Villa Phuket Mission Statement for You our Valued Guest.

Please NOTE: This report is the property of the Garden Villa Phuket Travel blog website for www.gardenvillaphuket.com .Written by Barry Gourmet & Raw © Copyright 2012

Inside even if you do not choose to stay with us , we will show you how to save 10 to 30 percent on your Hotel and Resort Bill well in advance from the comfort of your own home before you even step onto your plane.This FREE industry report written by Barry Gourmet is yours to keep and to use for planning and budgeting your next holiday vacation. Of course the hospitality industry will not like it! The Hotel industry does not want you to know about this information regarding hushed up business practices that separate you from your money .But as travelers ourselves and as a Consumer Advocate we feel that you have the right to know about their business practices , so the potential savings for you,and for your friends and your family can be quite substantial from your FREE Industry Report check list .

Wouldn’t it be nice for you to save 10 to 30 % on your next hotel bill almost every time you travel? Of course it would!! All these travel tips will be disclosed on the upcoming official Garden Villa Phuket website but the lions share will be in your free report.

“For your holiday pleasure why pay more for less? Why pay more when you can pay much less and get much more for your Value and Services and Options with us at the Garden Villa Phuket!

Our Mission Statement for You:

We will disclose 100 percent of all outstanding costs to you on our website . We will give our valued guest the absolute best deal possible for value and services for a reasonable return on our investment.We will do our best to offer flexible rates and service options available for your consideration and planning of your vacation with the Garden Villa Phuket. You may be surprised that our low competitive rates are fixed for 365 days a year.The following paragraph will explain why we think this is a better way for the traveler to have a low fixed rate all year round verses multiple tier seasonal rates that the rest of the hospitality industry will charge you .And why we think the benefits of a low fixed yearly rate is far greater for you.

Also we will explain why we think in the long run this lower fixed price rate for our rooms can work for us as well and to be mutually beneficial for both of us.

“Thank You for choosing us at the Garden Villa Phuket ”

Am and Barry Gourmet

15 years of local knowledge of what to see , where to go ,and what to do for the traveler that is looking for the trip of a life time experience away from the tourist crowds.

Imagine to your self what the perfect tropical dream holiday would look like for you ?

“We would like to help make that dream holiday event happen for you!”

A Very Important Consideration For The Traveler

When planning to visit any exotic tropical island destination around the world such as Phuket or even Ko Samui island in Thailand .Every traveler searching on the internet will notice something about the method of scheduled tier pricing or referred to as Seasonal Rates.

For example this is how it may look on some other Hotel , Villa,or Resort website offer.

Peak Season Rates ( 24 Dec. to 13 Jan.) Highest Price

High Season Rates (14 Jan. to 31 Mar.)High Price

High Season Rates (1 Nov. to 23 Dec.) High Price

Low Season Rates (1 April to 31 Oct.) Lower Price

The above list works out to be 8 months of lower rates and 4 months of very high rates that so happens to be the busiest time of the tourist season in Phuket so the whole hospitality industry across the board will hike up their rates to make up for the short fall during the 8 months of down time when only a few tourists arrivals travel to Phuket.

Often the Low season price rate is about half of the High season price rate, with the Peak Season rate really just that, its peaking very high. Many hotels and Villas will not even disclose this information to you on their website . Instead they will have it hidden from you by asking you to fill in the blanks about what time do you want to arrive and when do you want to depart when you are booking online? So you really never know if the deal is good or not for you? We see a problem with this for the traveler .For example what if your holiday falls between 2 different seasonal rates then you will of course be charged a higher rate and a lower rate charge on the very same trip! Is that fair business practice against the traveler ? Of course not ! Or possibly their computer will average it out for you. There is really no chance for you to negotiate your price and service options with the hotel, and you will pay their asking rate regardless because they have their online marketing system set up this way.Most travelers are planning their holidays to escape the winter months to enjoy their vacation on some sunny sandy tropical island in the sun right? But it turns out for the majority of the holiday makers that this time of the year their vacation lands right on the calender of the most expensive Peak and High seasonal rates for the Hotels and Villas to maximize their profits off of you. And this marketing strategy trickles down into all the related tourist industry companies as well as they will have the opportunity to cash in on you at this high season time as well. So it is almost impossible for any tourist to stay on their pre planned budget when all the service prices are not disclosed up front on the hotel or villas web site. No body is going to just rent a room with out services or and participate in a tourist destination trip locally right? And these services are offered on their websites but the price is never disclosed to the traveler ,until you get there.

After some thinking and consideration we decided at the Garden Villa Phuket to keep things much more simple and above board for you , and not to operate this way with multiple Tier Pricing or multiple seasonal rates plus non disclosure services that most of the hospitality industry is doing today. We thought why not just do a more simple fair marketing strategy for you the traveler and not to do what all of the others are doing? We decided to market our offers to be more Traveler Friendly in PRICE ,in VALUE,and in SERVICES and then some so that it would be difficult for our competitors to copycat us and to compete with our corporate branding. The whole idea is to stand out among the rest , to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the hospitality industry,and to make beneficial offers to you our most valued guest.

We have decided to keep our rates affordable and fixed for 365 days a year for you in mind, with a reasonable return for us on our investment.100 % of all service prices if any will be disclosed on our website for your convenience and this will effectively help build your trust with us ,and also take out the guess work for your service options as well. Our method of marketing will help for you to make a super easy budget plan experience from the comfort of your own home well in advance before you ever step on to your plane By passing more savings onto you ,to help build loyalty and trust ,and to reasonably accommodate you in a more personal and private way we feel that this business practice in the long run will be more sustainable for us and more rewarding for you in the end as well?

” When travelling it is often the little things that count that makes everything worthwhile”

Am and Barry Gourmet

Garden Villa Phuket Welcome

Welcome to Garden Villa Phuket.  I will be updating this site very shortly.

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